The digital revolution is taking the entire world by storm. The novel coronavirus pandemic, which is still lingering around us, rapidly accelerated digital transformation. But even in countries that are almost back to normal, it’s quite clear that digital is here to stay. Learning to cope with the digital revolution in the aftermath of COVID-19 in Egypt, however, might seem tricky. Where does one even begin?


From training your employees to understanding and tracking the still-changing behaviour of your customers, becoming digitally fit is now a necessity for most companies. Read on and you shall find some tips and resources that could help you stay ahead in the midst of the ongoing substantial shift towards the digital world.


Invest in Your Team

It goes without saying that a digitally savvy team is an essential component of a company atop the digital transformation trends. Therefore, investing in training your employees or incentivising them to train is key to a successful digital transformation. This process is continual need-based process because the rate at which digital technologies and solutions advance is quite swift.


There are plenty of recently emerging initiatives, programs, and scholarships that could help you with this somewhat daunting task. Google Garage and the Grow Stronger With Google initiative offer a wide array of free courses on a range of subjects that could help your employees get ready for the digital world. The Egypt FWD initiative also provides fully paid scholarships for digital skills with certification from none other than Udacity.


The aforementioned training and educational opportunities, and many others, have quite flexible hours and could be conveniently utilized by your employees beside their usual work schedules. Their range also caters to individuals whether they’re novices, beginners, or advanced.


Become as Accessible as You Can Online

Major F&B corporates are launching their own digital platforms where their products are accessible nowadays so they don’t solely rely on retailers and food delivery applications. If that doesn’t suit your industry, find ways to communicate to your customers and make yourself easily accessible online to them in every way possible.


This might seem obvious, but it’s not just something you should do. It’s something you should start implementing as soon as possible before your competitors become famous for being more convenient than you because of it. There are countless ways to do so using just websites and social media channels efficiently and effectively.


Enter Your Customers’ Smartphones

People use their smartphones throughout the day and mobile and internet penetration continue to rise in Egypt. So, after making sure you’re as accessible online as possible, it’s important to ensure your digital presence is smartphone-friendly. Even if creating a mobile application isn’t necessary or suitable in your case, your website has to provide customers with a seamless experience when on their phones.


Incentivise Your Customers To Help You Understand Them

The digital revolution just recently accelerated. It is hence difficult to predict the behaviour of customers witnessing it. The data isn’t in yet, and it won’t be in anytime soon. An easy solution to this problem would be for your company to track and monitor the behaviour of its customers through customer loyalty programs.


Be transparent with your customers on what you want to understand about them and their behaviour, and what you’re going to do with this information. In return for this information, reward them with what you believe could truly add value to their customer experience. This way you could have a better grasp of their continually changing behaviour in these uncertain times.




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