If you think customer loyalty programs and solutions are not right for you, this elaborate, diverse list of companies that consistently choose to bet on them are likely change your mind. We’ve put together a group of companies we’ve worked with that range from gigantic FMCGs to exceptionally promising startups and span across multiple sectors.

1) The Coca-Cola Company

The American multinational beverage corporation, Coca-Cola, needs no introduction. Founded in 1892, Coca-Cola’s products have been a global success and the billions of dollars in revenue they earn annually make that quite evident. Still, however, customer loyalty programs are apparently among their top priorities.

Last year, in 2019, we teamed up with Coca-Cola Egypt during their English Premier League campaign. The FMCG giant was the league’s official beverage and they wanted to adopt a customer loyalty program to engage their existing customers, attract new one, increase their customer spend and boost customer loyalty.

We ended up helping Coca-Cola offer their customers a chance to attend a match at the remarkable league in what was one of the most engaging promotions of the year through an innovative point-based platform, which was powered by us.

The promotion encouraged customers to drink, predict and WIN! Based on the match results, customers’ points will either be multiplied in case of correct predictions or remain as is when incorrect ones are made.

2) Vodafone

The British multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone, is known for its regular and intense customer loyalty programs. In Egypt, they are usually presented to us by their quite entertaining genie. At Dsquares, we teamed up with Vodafone on numerous customer loyalty programs and solutions. Most recently, we handled their Chipsy promotion in Egypt when they partnered up with the beloved F&B brand to offer an enticing rewards program. Simply put, Chipsy’s customers would find Vodafone recharge codes inside of their chips packets that they can use to pump up their balance. And it goes both ways, because whenever Vodafone’s customers recharge their balance, they’re rewarded with a code that they can exchange for free Chipsy packets.

In our extensive collaboration with Vodafone, we also worked on multiple projects. These included loyalty programs for Vodafone Red, Flex Deals, Sherkety and more. Whether through our couponing solution, “Couponz”; our concierge solution, “Assistance”; or our “Loyalty 360” solution, we always managed to wow Vodafone’s customers in highly engaging loyalty programs-centred campaigns.

3)  Kheir Zaman

As one of the biggest grocery retailers in Egypt, Kheir Zaman has consistently shown that they know how to attract and retain their customers. Since its foundation in 2006, they have been always looking for innovative ways to bump up their customer loyalty.

We helped them take things to the next level of customer engagement through our “Loyalty 360” solution, which gave birth to Shary. Shary’s idea was simple: through a convenient mobile application, customers were told that the more they shop, the more points they’ll collect. And those points can then be exchanged with other products.


4)  ExxonMobil

The American-born oil and gas corporation started their journey in the Egyptian market 115 years ago. A leading global player in the oil and gas sector, ExxonMobil is no stranger to incorporating customer loyalty solutions as well. At Dsquares, we’ve extensively collaborated with ExxonMobil on consumer promotions, consumer programs, and traders programs. Our latest work with the oil and gas giants was a consumer promotion that rewards their customers with McDonald’s vouchers upon purchasing the Mobil 1 lube.

Another notable example of our work with ExxonMobil would be Mobilawy. Through our customer loyalty solution, “Couponz”, Mobilawy was born. Through it, ExxonMobil’s customers earn points upon buying one of their various lubes. These points could then be exchanged with rewards that come from our diverse and esteemed partners’ network.


5)  Tide X KFC

Tide and its wide range of laundry detergents and fabric care products has been one of Proctor and Gamble’s most impressive success stories. After being introduced to the market way back in 1946, they’ve rose to become a global bestseller and are a favourite among countless households in Egypt and the MENA region.

They’re also keen on boosting the loyalty of their existing customers and capturing the attention of new ones through adopting customer loyalty programs. At Dsquares, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Tide as they teamed up with KFC to provide their customers with meals from the latter upon purchasing some of their products.

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