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At Dsquares we work with a variety of business sectors including Banking, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Oil & Gas and much more


The importance of loyalty and rewards for the banking industry lies in the high competitiveness witnessed in the banking field. There is a huge number of banks in the region that put enormous budgets to win new customers and to retain them and this is exactly when our loyalty programs become a very valuable tool. We work with world-class banks to make sure loyalty programs help them achieve their retention goals


One of the biggest challenges that the Telecom industry faces today is to ensure that customers activity is set to the maximum when using their networks. Loyalty and rewards programs have shown great impact in increasing customers’ spend and decreasing churn & inactivity. At Dsquares we have designed loyalty programs that have proven great effect for top notch Telecom companies in terms of customer retention and added service value


Various options to choose from when it comes to loyalty and rewards in the field of FMCG. Companies in the FMCG market often rely on promotional activities to avoid losing customers to competition. The effectiveness of such activities and programs is not only bound to creativity in designing the programs but also in extracting relevant insights to build on them for informed decision making. We help leading FMCG companies design creative loyalty & rewards programs and gain meaningful insights.

Many More

Our rich portfolio is full of companies across multiple industries, including, but not limited to: Oil & Gas, Automotive, Retail and E-commerce to name a few. To each of these business sectors, we have unique programs that respond to the industry’s givens and build on them to maximize ROI and acquire a greater market share. We are proud to have worked with market leaders in many of the mentioned fields among others.

Unique loyalty & rewards solutions.

Our Solutions

Our portfolio introduces a wide range of innovative end to end loyalty, rewards & concierge solutions. Catering to customers of different segments & expectations.


Loyalty360 platform delivers an end to end customer experience powered by personalized and segmented value propositions based on strong data analytics, featuring highly dynamic and various configurable integration modules at the highest security level as well as comprehensive reporting tools & behavior trackers supported by deep analysis, AI & machine learning.


Instant rewards & offers are powered by Couponz, working as a catalyst for activity rates & customers’ engagement with the brand. Couponz is highly dynamic, with various configurable integration modules at the highest security level. It's powered by the strongest local & international merchants network to offer personalized rewards, catering different customer segments , providing personalized and segmented value propositions based on strong data analytics.


Assistance is a concierge solution designed to indulge our client’s premium customers through a wide set of convenient services , where premium customers can enjoy our luxurious services through a seamless experience. Assistance enables your customers to seize a one of a kind experience through their preferred channel of communication, along with various worry free doorstep services, available around the clock.

Managed Services

At Dsquares we provide End to End loyalty services. We tailor your loyalty solution and we handle it from all sides including technical, operational & commercial aspects.

Our Clients

At Dsquares we are proud to have many partnerships with Industry Leaders across all business sectors. Hand in hand, we are pushing the limits to ensure that our clients always stay ahead of competition.

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